The empowering people. Network made it! #impactengineered

The Impact.Engineered Event by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Engineering for Change (E4C) is the 1st annual awards forum for the highest honours in social impact and social innovation. This time the empowering people. Network won the award for Corporate Philanthropy Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

A big surprise

A few weeks ago we received a letter by ASME and E4C. It was an invitation to this year’s Impact. Engineered Conference in New York. Both organizations are renowned players in the field of smart technologies for social impact – what a great pleasure being invited! Our team has already been discussing who might be the lucky one to attend the conference when we realised that there was more to come: The empowering people. Network was a nominee for the Corporate Philanthropy Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals Award! It celebrates the dedication and progressive agenda of corporate foundations committed to engineering a better future for all. We couldn’t believe our eyes!

The journey began…

The decision was clear: Carola Schwank, head of the empowering people. Network, should represent us at the Impact.Engineered Conference. On-site she directly bumped into old friends like Network member Spencer Taylor, who demonstrated a new prototype of his “Evaptainer”. She told us she enjoyed the well organized event with speakers from Tesla, Google, GE Healthcare, MIT, the UN and others a lot.

“And the award goes to…”

The Award ceremony was one highlight of the first conference day. In Munich we couldn’t wait for Carola’s call and were delighted when she finally broke the news to us: we are actually the winners of the SDGs Award!

The prize officially goes to organizations and people that are great examples for understanding and valuing the potential of technology-based solutions; in co-operating with other businesses, committing to patient capital and evolving sector understanding and disciplined evaluation. We feel honoured that the jury chose us as the winner of this outstanding accolade.

So thank you so much E4C an ASME! We are grateful not only for being awarded but also for our encouraging collaboration over the years. It is awesome having such reliable and strong partners on our side.

Carola Schwank receiving the Award at the Impact.Engineered Event in New York

We are all in this together

The award for Corporate Philanthropy Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals is just one out of five awards ASME and E4C bestow at the Impact.Engineered Event for honouring organizations for shaping the future of business and engineering. It is wonderful to see that one of our ep-Network member is among the other Award winners: special congratulations to Krista Donaldson, D-Rev and Rachel Yost on their award for “Hardware Trailblaze”.

And of course we want to congratulate Elaine Weidmann (Ericsson) Mitchell Baker (Mozilla Foundation) and Linda Raftree (Independent Consultant; Convener: Tech Salon NYC and MERL Tech) on their award in the category “Women Leading in Technology and Impact”, as well as Bob Marsh (Inveneo), Jeremy Schwartz (World Possible) and Google on “connecting the unconnected” and John Hockenberry on his “Impact.Engineered Honorary Engineer Award”.

Creating tangible change in developing regions requires more than just lone fighters. Joining forces is key when it comes to improving living conditions for millions of people, contributing to reliable basic supply and involving and encouraging people in tackling daily challenges and taking responsibility. It is great to know that such inspiring and outstanding people like you are out there, fighting for the same goal. We are already looking forward to future collaboration among new friends.

No time for rest

We can’t wait for Carola to be back in Munich, so we can celebrate this great success together with the whole empowering people. Network team with a big bottle of champagne. But we don’t have much time to rest on our laurels, because the next big event is just waiting around the corner: between the 6th and 10th of November we will be in Amsterdam for a big empowering people. Workshop with 50 participants. In these five days we will talk about storytelling, and work with our network members in different fields of organizational development and more.

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Download the official press release of the Impact.Engineered Conference.

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