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Being part of the empowering people. Network team is always full of surprises: we meet fascinating social entrepreneurs that blow us away with their dedication, we see how projects are developed, scaled up and then implemented, and we get to see brilliant innovations when they are submitted to the empowering people. Award.

The first Award was held in 2012 and we were certainly impressed with the depth and creativity of the solutions. This time though we wanted to see projects that were more entrenched in social business models.

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We believe that this is how we can make our work in developing regions more sustainable: we want to not only help people access basic services but empower them to work and build infrastructures. So this is how we set the criteria: the financial sustainability of the project and social business concept when it came to job creation was strongly evaluated along with other tough factors such as the potential of a project to help solve basic supply problems, its technical feasibility, its functionality and reliability in local conditions and of course, its environmental performance.

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When launching a global competition, there is always slight apprehension: Will innovators and developers be aware of the benefit and find the time to work on a detailed application form? Will we get the message out there in time? Will we succeed in reaching the right people  – potential entrants as well as multipliers? And frankly, will we be disappointed? The Award closed mid-January this year: Over 800 entries from 88 countries – we knew we had a good number. We had no idea about their quality. The Award is evaluated by two independent teams. One team of experienced technology experts examine the technology behind the entry; the other evaluates the social business model. In our first meeting with the specialists we were eager to hear their opinion: And we weren’t disappointed. In fact, the majority of the entries ticked all the boxes so for those of you who didn’t make it onto the shortlist of finalists, we thank you entering – we know that it was no easy task.

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However, the empowering people community  is much more than our team here: It is all about the broad network of change-makers and innovators worldwide. And we want to hear what you think. This is why we invite you to vote for your personal favorite in the Community Voting. Do take the time to look at these 23 amazing innovations and cast your vote. Your winner could get an additional Community Prize and win equipment to the value of 3,000 Euro. The jury is deciding who the top three winners are going to be. But you decide the winner of the Community Prize. So without further hesitation, and with complete trust that you’re going to make a qualified decision, we’d like to hand over to you! >>

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On the pictures you can see  all the 23 shortlisted finalists of the empowering people. Award – in absolutely random order. You can pick your favorite on our website ( Simply click on your favorite solution and vote in total for the three you think are the most worthy!

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