Designing a Healthier World: How epExpert Carlo Supported Global Health in India

“I wanted to use my ‘powers’ for good!” – Carlo’s statement leaves no questions unanswered. To ensure that the spirit and strength of people like him benefit others, Siemens Stiftung has devised empowering people. Expert Service (epExpert Service) offering hands-on support to those facing far-reaching challenges in their businesses. To be specific, epExpert Service is looking for specialists volunteering their time and skill set and thereby addressing these issues. Our partner MovingWorlds manages the program and asked Carlo about his experience at BEMPU, winner of empowering people. Award 2016

Carlo Zafranco is an experienced marketing and design professional with extensive experience creating and designing content marketing campaigns for global brands like Hulu and Disney. Beyond his professional impact, Carlo also carries a strong desire to contribute to social impact project. He found the perfect opportunity through the empowering people.Network epExpert program, using his skills to give back to a local community.

After applying, Carlo was quickly accepted and connected with BEMPU, a public health organization that works to reduce infant mortality through innovative and affordable solutions – like the BEMPU bracelet which detects infant hypothermia. BEMPU has already partnered with some of the world’s leading global health organizations, like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID’s Saving Lives at Birth, but BEMPU needed extra support to build team capacity to move its product from design into adoption.

To help market its life-saving product to at-risk populations, Carlo worked to create user-friendly marketing materials using his design skills. Together they worked to conceptualize a marketing and educational campaign for health products, create educational videos using animation and motion graphics, and design posters and pamphlets for marketing and educational purposes. Read on to learn more about the impactful work they achieved together.

What inspired you to “take the leap” and go Experteering?

I wanted to use my “powers” for good! I’ve been working in corporate positions for big companies most of my life and knew that something was severely lacking from the daily grind, which was a feeling of fulfillment or purpose that what you’re doing means more than a paycheck.

What were you doing before going Experteering?

I was a digital designer for Disney for 4 years before deciding to quit my job for more fulfilling pursuits. I also worked as a graphic designer at Awakami, and worked at Hulu to plan, design and produce marketing campaigns for specific properties across various digital channels as well as creating artwork for the VR environment.

What did you do on your Experteering trip?

I helped create an educational program for doctors to be able to show to parents to introduce them to the BEMPU product. I was able to create an animated video, posters, pamphlets and also helped redesign the website. Together, we made user-friendly marketing materials to spread awareness about the great work that BEMPU is doing to improve global health in India (and beyond!).

As many Indian women are illiterates, Carlo created this animated video to explain the BEMPU bracelet audio-visually.

What was the highlight of your Experteering trip?

The highlight of my trip was the hospitality of my coworkers and their willingness to show me what India means to them. Some came from the US and others came from various parts of India. Regardless of where they originated from, the kindness they showed me was priceless. They made me feel at home in a place that couldn’t be any further from what I am used to.

What was one thing you wish you knew before you went volunteering overseas?

I wish I knew that 4 months wasn’t enough and I would have prepared for much longer than that. As I was leaving India I felt as if we had just made our introductions.

By the way: BEMPU’s also published their story, so make sure to check it out to learn about their experience hosting an Experter.

Carlo (center) and the BEMPU team. (Photo credit: MovingWorlds)

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