Compadres, Coffee Beans and Corporate Communication

For six weeks, epExpert Bianca supported  Café Compadre in creating a communication & marketing strategy. In the following video Bianca and the Compadre team talk about their time together.

Café Compadre is one of the empowering people. Award winners 2016. Their technology roasts coffee beans using sunlight – the energy source most widely available to farmers. Their coffee has achieved the level of quality for special coffees stipulated by international standards. Coffee producers can use their roasting device to carry out the last process in the production chain, and at least double their income. But to push sales they need to work on their organization – for example on their marketing strategy. Because if they don’t reach and convince the right target group, how should potential customers become aware of their product?

Bianca works for Sympra, a German PR agency, and is specialized in the field of communication. To support the Coffee start-up as part of our epExpert programme, she travelled to Lima, Peru and spent six weeks with the team to clearly define their communication goals, work on their corporate identity and finally set up a marketing task list with them.

While she was there, she already told us about her adventurous and unique experiences in a blogpost, but with the following video we get the chance to be close to the action: The team invites us to take a look behind the scenes and reports about the time and work with epExpert Bianca.

About the empowering people. Expert service

The empowering people. Expert Service aims to support empowering people. Network members that often face knowledge and workforce gaps which hinder their development and prevent their products or services from reaching more people with basic need problems. Read more…

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